Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring May Be Here

I probably do a similar post every year but I just can't help myself, I get so excited seeing all the new growth in spring. Here are some pictures around the farm.


Yellow Dock


Fennel and Parsley, we had both in our salad last night.

A little bit of green in the Lavender. I hope they fared well over the dry winter.

The Elderberry is leafing out.

The apples are also leafing out.

I love the little grape hyacinths.

Oregano - don't  you love pizza?

Plantain - many consider it a weed but we use a alot of it in skin care.

The hops are going wild and need to be strung up.

I think I should put my cross country skis away now. I didn't get to use them much this winter and I think the opportunity has passed (but you never know in Colorado).


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about all the Spring plants in your area. Spring is also my favorite season and after the winter we've had around here, we are so ready for spring to come. Thank you for sharing!!

cswisdom said...

Love love love the pictures and descriptions. I'm looking forward to when I can live on my farm.

Anonymous said...

I am a plant/nature supporter and lover. Besides their beauty they are also healers.
Thanks for pics,


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