Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Salad Herbs

Spring Salad

The site of spring herbs popping from the ground in spring was a welcome site to people in the pre supermarket era who had little nutritive foods for months over the late winter. These spring herbs or bitters are packed with nutrition and can be enjoyed in salads. Looking around my yard I see tarragon, salad burnett, dandelion, chives and parsley, all of which can be chopped and put on a salad of greens that I buy from the farmers market. There is mustard growing now that would also be great on this salad. The flavors are great and are sure to interest your taste buds.

What herbs do you find for your salads?

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Sheri Lee Pierce said...

Love reading about your garden! Dandelion, Garlic Mustard, and Chickweed are my wild Springtime favorites. With Violet flowers. Heaven :)

I've never tasted Salad Burnett. I'm missing out, right? Have to put that on the list for next year's garden.


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