Friday, June 6, 2008

Preserving Chives

Have you ever tried to dry chives for culinary use? Well I have and they taste alot like paper when they are dried. I guess they have to be freeze dried to preserve the flavor. What I do now is to cut the fresh chives with a scissors into small pieces and put those into a sandwich bag for the freezer. Kept this way the flavor will be preserved and you can use them all winter (if your bag is big enough). Be daring and toss some chive flowers in there too. Keep them in the door of your freezer so they are handy as you prepare meals.


tanyaross said...

I love chives! but I can't grow plants to save my life (all of my house plants are silk -- it's the humane thing to do LOL), so I buy my freeze-dried chives from do you know how far 1 lb of chives goes?? ;)


Wild Rose said...

Chives have such a delicate flavour and I think that it is such a treat to be able to have a taste of summer during the winter months.


patty chive said...

Does anyone know of a method of canning chives using course salt?
If so, could you please provide the recipe or link?


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