Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Tussie Mussie

I miss my Mom. She died two years ago. When she was alive I remember giving her a tussie mussie one year for Mothers Day. This year I will walk my garden (and look in my dried collection) to see what plants I have to pay tribute to her on this Mothers Day.

Basil for the unconditional love she gave me and my siblings.
Rosemary for remembering her and the lessons she taught me.
Sage for her endless wisdom and to represent my grief.
Scented geranium for our happy times together.
Lavender for her devotion to her family.
Thyme for her strength and courage in raising 8 children.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's!


salina said...

That is very sweet. Sounds like you had a very wonderful mother. You have a great day and stop by my blog sometime. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Sindy: I loved this idea, and if you dont mind I will use it for memory of my husband whom I adored and think of every day.and the tyme, we spent to gether, and the time I wish we still had. I know your mother was special.
the soap granny


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