Monday, July 9, 2012

Lavender Face Mask

We spent the weekend in Western Colorado (Palisade, Grand Junction) for the Lavender Association of Western Colorado's second annual Lavender Festival. It included talks, demos and farm tours. After an event is over I always wished I'd taken more pictures, but here is one showing a workshop on wreath making. I did a small demo at our booth doing a lavender facial, below is the recipe for that.

We also got to spend a little time in the beautiful Colorado National Monument and do our favorite hike to Devil's kitchen. And of course we checked out a few of the wineries and breweries in the area as well. Overall a short, but sweet weekend jaunt!

Lavender Facial Mask
(by Cindy Jones, Sagescript Institute,

1 T Lavender buds/leaves, dried
1 T Red Clover blossoms, dried
1 T Cornflower blossoms, dried
3 T Oatmeal

Mix together in food processor
Add a tablespoon of honey and some liquid. The liquid can be water, juice, even yogurt, but the best choice would be a lavender distillate.

Mix into a suitable texture.

Apply to face, relax w a cup of tea, wash herbs off face.

You can basically use any herb combination you have on hand but use enough oatmeal to give it a sticky consistency.



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